Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Photography is one of Anne Koehlinger’s favorite art forms. She enjoys taking pictures wherever she goes and most recently used her photography skills to capture the beautiful city of Paris, France. While there, she relished the city’s food culture and dined at some of its finest restaurants. Anne Koehlinger also discovered how essential professional photography is to creating a marketable business, as it can increase profits and brand-name recognition. She believes photography is a tool that every owner should use for advertising purposes. Anne Koehlinger hopes to one day open her own restaurant where she can use her passion for photography to benefit the business.

To understand how photography can help market a business, it is necessary to learn how to properly capture the essence of the brand with commercial photography.
Commercial Photography
Commercial photography involves taking pictures for the use of advertisements, merchandising, and product placement. This type of photography is seen wherever photographs enhance the text, including in leaflets, corporate brochures, and menus for cafés and restaurants. In the foodservice industry it is important to recognize how proper commercial photography techniques can enhance food photographs.
Food Photographs
To promote a menu, food photographs should be advertised in the culinary sections of magazines. The photographs can focus on the food itself, or the venue where the food is made. Food photography can also be completed by amateurs and professionals. All it takes to master the art of food photography is basic knowledge of shot composition. Food should be photographed at the restaurant where it is made, so the photographer will need the proper lighting instruments to improve the quality of these pictures. Anne Koehlinger dreams of one day using her photography skills to enhance the marketability of her future restaurant.
Learn more about Anne Koehlinger and her interest in photography on Weebly or by connecting with her on Zerply: http://zerply.com/anne-koehlinger/public.

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