Friday, June 7, 2013

Water Sports

Anne Koehlinger has been a water sports enthusiast all her life and is most passionate about surfing and wakeboarding. Although she does not plan to compete in the professional world of water sports, she realizes that each sport requires an enhanced skill set, increased physical exertion, and strength. Anne Koehlinger also believes that all levels of athletes should prioritize technique and safety. Athletes wishing to explore surfing and wakeboarding further should familiarize themselves with the appropriate gear, equipment, and basic steps in order to avoid the dangers of performing on water.
Once she has walked far enough into the ocean, Anne Koehlinger begins by lying horizontally on the surfboard in an attempt to “catch a wave.” She must then start paddling towards the breaking wave while matching the speed of that wave. After achieving the same speed and placing her palms, feet, and legs in position, she is able to stand on the surfboard and ride. The surfboard, which is the main piece of equipment that allows a surfer to ride on the waves, must contain a leash for the rider to secure his or her ankle. Anne Koehlinger recommends that surfers purchase a surfing wetsuit or board shorts for necessary protection from the force of the waves.
Before the navigator starts the engine, Anne Koehlinger begins by checking to make sure she is tightly secured to the motorboat’s cable system, maintaining a firm grip, and balancing on the wakeboard. When the boat gains speeds and starts to cut rapidly through the water, she is able to perform advanced sliding techniques and jumps. The single most important piece of gear a wakeboard rider should invest in is a life vest. Since riders are towed on the back of a motorboat at high speeds, Anne Koehlinger recognizes that a life vest protects wakeboarders from the dangers of getting thrown into deep water. Next, she suggests riders choose their wakeboard size and binding depending on their skill set. She believes that once riders have acquired the proper gear and equipment, they are ready to hit the water.
Water sport enthusiast Anne Koehlinger continues surfing and wakeboarding in her free time while using proper technique and safety precautions.
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